BestBuyTrophy welcomes the opportunity to assist you in preparing production-ready art. Please use the information provided here as a guide.

Art Charges are FREE when art is received in "Production Ready" form.

  • When art does not conform to artwork guidelines the minimum art charge is $31.25(v)
  • Hourly rate is $110.00(v)
  • We will discuss any and all charges with you before beginning work, and add those charges to your final invoice. 

Engraving/Lasering Art Specifications

  • Art must be saved in black and white vector line-art mode.
  • Convert all text to curves.
  • Lettering must be of sufficient thickness to be legible. This includes "knockout" or "reverse" lettering (e.g., white lettering in a black box) which could "fill in" when engraved.
  • Be aware that laser engraving on clear acrylic looks white -- some artwork (certain logos, the faces on people and animals) may have to be adjusted.
  • Save as an .EPS, .AI, .CDR or .PDF file
  • Logos may be saved as JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP
  • Minimum resolution 300 DPI

Color Art Specifications

  • Submit high-quality color photos and digital images
  • Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed
  • Minimum 300 dpi - to size of product


Submit artwork to:
Please contact customer service with questions or concerns regarding art.